Sunday, June 19, 2011

Snow in South Beach

Politico Arena Topic: Is Mitt Romney helped or hurt by climate change stance?

Mitt Romney is dead on in his stance on climate change, no matter how loud the shouting from other conservatives. The deniers that continue to claim that humans have no effect on global warming never provide evidence for such pronouncements, and Romney should be commended on looking at the facts.

Even when provided with evidence (polar ice caps melting, rising seas levels, etc.), they scoff and will only say it is liberal hysteria. The evidence provides not only exhibits such as higher temperatures and more extreme weather, but air and water quality issues as well. When non-smokers are being diagnosed with lung cancer, from the air they breathe, that is a sign that humans are contributing to poor environmental conditions, and contribute to violent and unpredictable weather patterns.

Why won’t conservatives consider the evidence that science provides? The only reason for this has to be that the industries that provide the fuel for their political engines (cleaning up campaign finance might lead to many in office adjusting their attitudes to cleaning up the environment). Just as the EPA is being demonized for enforcing standards on power plants, the heads of said plants are trying to paint (least it is not lead-based) the agency as liberal revenue destroyers (this stance is even more amazing in that the EPA was created under a Republican president, and that George H.W. Bush strengthened air pollution standards under the 1990 Clear Air Act amendments). Their contributors in the dirty energy sectors do not want to be good citizens, just prodigious financial backers.

No matter how much they wish it, you cannot eat or breathe money, and ignoring environmental science is lazy and an insult to those who have worked hard to make our nation the standard bearer for the health of the earth, such as President Teddy Roosevelt (whose bull moose might need supplemental oxygen if we keep going the way we are).

Sharing the responsibility of being good stewards of the earth is as foreign to global warming deniers as snow in South Beach. If those in power do not take this issue seriously and find a fact-based solution, that weather forecast will become a reality.