Friday, October 28, 2011

Adios, Huevos: Perry Is The Ultimate Texas Leaguer.

Foreign Policy Experience? Cover model for International Male counts, right?  One handsome sumbitch.

Rick Perry doesn't want to debate anymore.  Wow... Perry is really killing that whole tough Texan persona...guess we know why they needed all those Tennessee volunteers to come help out at the Alamo.

The only thing that Perry is rock-solid sure of is killing people. He came out with a bold plan for tax reform (filing your taxes on a comment card, like you had a bad meal at an Olive Garden), but then saying you can also file traditionally. If the tax code is that evil and job killin', wouldn't you insist on killing it?

Guess we have to wait for the IRS to knock off a liquor store in Lubbock. Falling in the polls, guv? Then let's reach into the Republican quiver and pull out...the birther angle?! Doesn't Mr. Perry remember the president releasing his birth certificate...then days later smoking Osama Bin Laden?

It is cowardly to skip the debates. Yes, there are too many of them (hell, American Idol isn't on this much), but he wanted into this dance, and that's the price of the band.