Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Rise of Newt


Politico Question: Is Newt Going To Be A Viable Opponent for Romney and Company?

The Newt Boomlet: it even sounds like a market bubble, and that is exactly what it is. This bump shows not the viability of Newt Gingrich as the Republican nominee but the extreme weakness of the rest of the field. His strategy of biting the hands that feed him will not take him the distance. He took over Congress and tried to mold it into a private business, and then labels it corrupt after he is forced from power. He takes money from Freddie Mac and advises them to expand the bubble, and then vilifies the institution that paid him. He makes a living hawking his wares on Fox News, then claims that the media twists everything that he says.

Want to get Newt to show his true colors and get out of the race? Put him back in the same studio with Bob Schieffer from CBS News. When Newt was asked about Tiffany's you could see the steam rise from his collar. Schieffer was channeling Tim Russert: it is the closest thing to televised water boarding I have ever seen. It was not only brilliant but necessary. If someone wants to be president, they should have to answer the interview questions. That is what a presidential campaign is: one long job interview with the American people. Newt has some holes in his resume and references, and blaming the interviewer is not going to get him to the next round. The only jobs he ever created was for divorce counsel and the only place Newt Gingrich can be president is in one of his novels that no one buys.

To my Republican friends: Mitt Romney is your nominee. I am sorry if you are not happy with him. What he lacks in desirability as a candidate he makes up for with his earnestness to be your president. You can take him not only to the ballot box, but home to Mom! If you took Newt home to mom, she would end up with money missing from her purse.