Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Having a Dream...

50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King went off script and changed the world.  He worked forever on a speech, sitting up late into the night in a Washington hotel, making change after change to his prepared text.

He stepped up to the mic and proceeded to read the words he had tried to perfect.  He started haltingly, and slowly, delivering the words he thought the crowd wanted to hear.  And then, halfway through the speech, he said screw it, and he spoke from his heart.  He told everyone listening and watching about his dream of a more equal union than the one America was in at the time.  Like all parents (even though he was a very young man), he wanted a better world for his children, but he also wanted a better world for those that stood with him that day.

The lesson, team: whether it's at work, with your partner (or potential partner), your friends and family, teachers, bartenders, whoever it is...speak from the heart.  Live and talk like your soul is on fire, because it is.  The world turned when MLK went off script and just described what he wanted for the world.  Your wants can be just as important.

Keep dreaming, friends.