Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yes, It Is Class Warfare

The Gulf Coast is once again under attack from elements that only appear in the Bible and Jerry Bruckheimer movies. Hurricane Katrina came ashore in the Big Easy on my 29th birthday, and as I watched the coverage from my couch in my new house surrounded by boxes I couldn't believe a major American city was being reduced to an apocalyptic stage for a show the world could see. I remember saying then that if this were a more affluent (nee not so many urban residents) area of the country that more efforts would be made. That if the Hamptons were flooding the 82nd Airborne would be dropping in to help.

And now oil is leaking into the waters of the Redneck Riviera (and by leaking I mean firing out from the crust of the earth from a firehose the size of a Buick). 11 roughnecks (sorry-working class men-joe sixpacks) are dead and a company that profits billions is saying they only know how to get the oil out...but not to stop it. Ah, The Invisible Hand giving the citizens the middle finger...

The residents of Cape Cod fought wind farms way off the coast because they worried about how it would affect their quality of life. I know that the have-nots will never equal the haves, but can we at least start admitting it? Just say it: poor people get fucked. If there are any candidates or office holders looking for a slogan, you could do worse as far as the truth. But hey: why worry about it? I am sure we can find a way to eat and drink money (because the people of Louisiana are about to learn to drink 10w-40).

Kayne was right...but now you can add limey bastards to that list