Friday, May 13, 2011

Mitt Romney's Problem with Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney gave a speech defending himself against the accusation that he did the right thing by working to put health care into the hands of his constituents as governor of Massachusetts. Hell, I think he should have added dental: look at that smile!

Unfortunately for Gov. Romney, he is going to be hit on this from all sides. His fellow Republicans (if there are any fellow Romney Republicans) are going to say he is an uber-liberal who wants to give away health care on street corners, while Dems are going to say "welcome to the fold."

The best move for Romney would be to own it so completely that he has to charge rent and royalty fees for people who use the term "health care." Although I am a yeoman Democrat, I believe his speech should go along these lines: "Yes, I pushed to make sure that the people of my state could live healthy, productive lives. If a person has good health, they can consistently go to work, earn a paycheck, and pay taxes out of that check, which will in turn ensure that schools are solid and produce a new generation of healthy, educated workers, which ensures prosperity and a nation that can compete on a global scale with emerging powers. I will now take questions."